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Remember By Christina Rossetti Essays - Rhyme, Sonnet,

Remember By Christina Rossetti Remember me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land; When you can no more hold me by the hand, Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay. Remember me when no more day by day You tell me of our future that you plann'd: It will be late to counsel then or pray. Yet if you should forget me for a while And afterwards remember, do not grieve: For if the darkness and corruption leave A vestige of thoughts that I once had, Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad. I chose to write my poetry criticism on the sonnet "Remember" by Christina Rossetti. It was written in 1849 when Rossetti was just 19 years old. She is considered to be one of the foremost women poets of the 19th century Victorian period. In this sonnet the themes of love, death, and reaction to death are introduced. Christina Rossetti was born in London in 1830. She was the product of a wealthy family and was raised a pious Calvinist. She wrote about many themes ranging from love to the seasons of the year. She used little visual detail in her poetry. She let her ideas speak for themselves. She is sometimes incorrectly associated with the women's suffrage movement but she was happy with her place in life and furthermore said that Christianity and womens' rights were at odds. She spent the last 15 years of her life in seclusion and died in 1894 a well-known poet. This sonnet, "Remember", is written to a lover and is about their love, her death, and how she wants him to react to her death. The themes are alluded to throughout the poem. Lines 1-3 deal with the element of death. Lines 5 and 6 hint that Rossetti and her lover were to be married, showing their love for each other, and lines 9-14 are Rossetti's instructions that her lover move on with his life and not dwell on her death because she would rather he "...forget and smile...than remember and be sad". Rossetti uses a metaphor in line 1 when she states, "Remember me when I am gone away", the metaphor being gone away instead of the word dead. She uses another metaphor in line 2 where she writes, "Gone far away into the silent land", using the term the silent land instead of eternal life. The third metaphor is found in line 11, "For if the darkness and corruption leave", using darkness and corruption as a metaphor for anger at her death. Rossetti does not use many symbols in her poetry but in this poem when she uses the term "silent land" for eternal life she may be referring to her Calvinist belief in predestination which John Calvin himself summarized by saying, "We call predestination God's eternal decree, by which he determined within himself what he willed to become of each man. For all are not created in equal condition; rather, eternal life is foreordained for some, eternal damnation for others" (Institutes 3. 21. 5). . She may have said"silent land" instead of heaven or hell because she did not know which eternal life she was going to reside in. The theme and simple language work together with the rhyme scheme, abbaabbacddece, work together to make the sonnet pleasant-sounding. I think the beauty of this sonnet is that it is both simple, in language and word choice, and complex, in idea, at the same time without being too overwhelming to the reader. I think the reader finds this sonnet easily applicable to his or her own lives, making it a universally likable reading. I think that Rossetti wrote this sonnet to teach all who read it that death is inevitable, but it should not consume the lives of those who are left living. She wrote this sonnet to her lover that he should not be upset if, after she died, he forgot about her because she would rather know that he is happy than that he is, in a sense, dead while alive. We should all apply this message to our lives because it is truly the best way to deal with the death of one we love.

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Affirmative action debate essays

Affirmative action debate essays When they were first initiated, affirmative action policies were needed to address the discrimination faced by women and members of minority ethnic groups. These policies have enabled many people to secure better employment and educational opportunities. In their wake, however, affirmative action policies have also spawned criticisms of reverse discrimination, and given rise to charges that in the long run, these policies harm the people they were intended to help. This paper argues that while affirmative action policies were necessary in 1965, they are no longer appropriate in 2003. In fact, this paper presents arguments why affirmative action policies are ineffective in addressing the discrimination problems faced by African Americans, Latinos 1. Race is not a sharply-defined category. Many critics of affirmative action point to the problem of "racial boxing" that these policies inherently promote. Linda Chavez, for example, argues that race categories are arbitrary concepts, which are fluid and This problem is best illustrated in the arbitrary definitions of what constitutes being "Latino" or "Hispanic." An Argentinean person of Spanish ancestry, for example, would most likely be considered "Caucasian." However, if the same person speaks fluent Spanish instead of fluid English, he automatically becomes "Hispanic." Such arbitrary classifications are also at work among other racial groups. All Asians are usually lumped together because of the way they look. Such a catchall category, however glosses over important cultural differences and even makes light of deep-seated cleavages between groups like the Japanese and Koreans. Even Caucasian people of Eastern European descent are asserting their distinctness from other Caucasians. Just as it is impossible to classify who belongs to what ethnic group, it is also virt...

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A Shift in the Balance of Power from the USA to China Essay

A Shift in the Balance of Power from the USA to China - Essay Example This paper illustrates that while China balances precariously between the free market and an edgy military regime, the nation is surfacing as a formidable contender in the economic sector and an impending challenger for technological advantage. From the benchmark of Tiananmen Square in 1989 well into the first tender years of the Twenty-first Century, many in the West continue to view China with unease and distrust. From the appalling crackdown on the visionary expectation of the ardent student protesters some16 years ago to the subsequent repression of all political dissidence, Communist leaders have time and again tended to reassert a blind obeisance to a dogged system of harsh and mechanical one-party rule. Equally alarming is the ostentatious display of military power in response to Taiwanese aspirations for independence over the last two decades, along with the troubling detection of furtive deliveries of military know-how to unstable areas in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, and South Asia. These measures scarcely serve to improve international confidence in the Chinese bid for a responsible position on the world stage of the new century. Admittedly China has recently begun to evince a new, less menacing and forward-looking stance toward proving itself as a responsible collaborator in global interaction as the nation begins to assume a substantial position in the world economy. By assisting in negotiations on the Korean Peninsula, China, in effect, was able to take advantage of her influence in the region in the service of broader international concerns. Domestically, the Peoples Republic of China has taken steps to free a token number of leading political dissidents in response to Western appeals, and, in diverse rural villages, elections for local leaders have been authorized. Chinese rulers also seem to be dealing moderately with the lately re-annexed regions of Hong Kong and Macau, and so far seem to be restricting intimidation tactics to verbal pos turing and a display of military muscle in response to Taiwanese desires for independence.  

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Interracial Marriages As Phenomenon In Modern Society Essay

Interracial Marriages As Phenomenon In Modern Society - Essay Example Landry has spent five years with the African American husband who was her college fellow. After the divorce, she married the Caucasian husband and has been living with him for four years. When she reflects back upon the two experiences, she realizes that race was never a strong issue. Landry parted ways with her ex-husband because there was the communication gap between them and he was disloyal to her. Besides, they had issues related to money. Therefore, when Landry searched for a husband the second time, she placed more emphasis upon his commitment towards budget and his tendency to exchange views frequently and maintain loyalty to her in marriage than the race he belonged to. Landry spent twelve years as a single after her divorce. In those years, she spent time with numerous men from different ethnic origins. Having dated men of different professions and racial backgrounds, Landry reached the conclusion that two people’s resemblance in the level of intelligence, personal i nterests, aspirations, and values were much stronger determinants of their compatibility with each other than race could ever be. Landry has evaluated the potential advantages and disadvantages of interracial marriages in this article. Discussing the pros of interracial marriages, Landry first discusses personal growth. The successful marriage requires the partners to grow together with the passage of time. Marital partners can enhance their growth by sharing with each other and appreciating the challenges arising from their cultural and racial differences. Landry has noticed that her Caucasian husband’s behavior is changed for the better after marrying her. He has started to understand how people of color may feel like strangers in settings where the others don’t look like them. He had a new experience of going to church with an African American wife as a lone white man.

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Media Ecology And The Matrix Film Studies Essay

Media Ecology And The Matrix Film Studies Essay This report is based on Matrix movie. The Matrix movie is a science fiction-action film which was released in America on March 31, 1999.This film written and directed by Larry and Andy is the first part of Matrix series, not even movie also the part of comic book, video games and animation. The meaning of matrix is a rectangular array of matrix. In this movie its shows there is two different lives, one is computer generated world dream world and another is real, but all human living in dream word which is programed and none of them know. In this movie Neo is a hero and he is a computer programmer and he drawn into a rebellion against the machines. But first he wanted to know what is matrix. Morpheus is main character of this movie and he spends much time on matrix to find, and he also help other to find it. He is the caption of their team in their spaceship which they called Nebuchadnezzar. They always go to dream world and come back with hacked telephone line; it is only the safe exit from the matrix. In other side in dream world a group of Agent which is known as swat team. They want to kill the entire human, so they want to catch the Morpheus. Because he is the only person who knows all the matrix code to go back to their ship throw phone. When they catch the Morpheus then Neo come and save him from him. Discussion There are few issue and theories which are applied on them are following. Media Ecology :- The effect of media on human being throw the perception feeling, understanding etc. and its change our thinking feeling and behaving system. Main source of media are TV, film, radio, mobile, books. Issues raised in the movies are:- Movie seen : In this movie when Agent behind the Trinity to kill, then she ask for help from tank by her cell phone then Tank call on a local STD, when she picked up the phone then she reached at their real world from dream world (Programmed world) in form of matrix. Answer: -Matrix movie is fully based on media ecology. In this movie telephone is used as in the form of media ecology. They used it to communicate and to move from move real to virtual or virtual to real word. Telephone decreased the way difference between both lives and makes it a global village. Virtual word is the hot media in this movie because it programed world and caring huge amount of data and telephone is cold media. In this movie they are using number computer screens to read the matrix. Script from movie: -as example The ship is quiet and dark. Everyone is asleep IN MAIN DECK The core glows with monitor light. Cypher is in the Operators chair as Neo cones up behind him. CYPHER Whoa! Shit, Neo, you scared me. NEO Sorry. CYPHER Midnight watches. Neos eyes light up as he steps closer to the screens That seems alive with a constant flow of data. NEO It is The Matrix? CYPHER is The Matrix. Answer: -In this script you can read that neo talking about computer screens to read the information, computer show some data to which have their own value which is called matrix. Computer becomes a medium for cypher in this example and data become its information and in other words these tools make more extension for them. Cognitive dissonance :- The uncomfortable feeling which is caused by double minded situation, and hard to decided which the person already done is good or not. When Neo become a part of their team they he start meeting to team members. When he meets the cypher, then cypher say: Cypher: I know you thinking same but I am thinking. Neo: what I am thinking? Cypher: why I not choose the blue pill, I want to go back in dream world and I am tired from this life ruled fully life. But Morpheus say it our real word. Answer: This theory is easily applied on Cypher, because first he decided to come in this world but now he wants to go back in virtual (programmed) world. He is double minded and feeling uncomfortable. In this line you can easy understand his feeling, action, behaviour and beliefs are out of harmony and other cause of this is his belief or exception is more than what he got, which is the main reason he feeling uncomfortable and thinking he choose wrong decision and choose red pill. Social penetration theory: It is also known as onion theory, it means it is referred in terms of breath and depth and every layer is show the human behaviour according to its breadth and depth. For example, how we are close to a person, its decrease the layer of personal information of that person for us. Answer: This theory is applied on the relationship of Neo and trinity. First Trinity and Neo was not known to each other closely, it is same like a Onion based example , when she start known about Neo and start come closer, then the interpersonal layers in start decreasing for Trinity and then she feel that he is the one and fall in love with Neo. Here is the script of movie which shows feeling of trinity about Neo. TRINITY Neo, I have to tell you something. I dont know what it means or even If it matters but I feel I have to say it. Ive never told anyone this before. I think Ive been afraid to. When I went to the Oracle, she told me she told me that I would meet A man. And that I would fall in Love Social identity: At the end part of movie when there is a fighting between Neo and agents. Agents catch the neo and kill him by gun but after some time Neo open his eyes and stand up and start fighting again and when again Agents try to shoot him then Neo stop all the bullets in air. Answer: In this part of movie when he was killed, at that movement he was fighting like a normal human and was not who he is. But when he starts thinking about the difference between real human and programmed created world and start compare agents and him. He finds his social identity. His social identity is he is the one in movie who can control his mind the see the difference between real and programed world. Conclusion This movie is a science based fiction-Action movie and media ecology is big part of this movie. Telephone and computer screen are both are the medium of source of information. They contact to each other through the cell phone and they travel on both worlds with telephone exception and all the information they got like position, way to go out from building are they got from computer screen in the form of matrix. So these are the tool of they use which are based on media ecology. Cypher is a character of this movie who feel uncomfortable because he want to go back in virtual world and thinking he choose wrong option so Cognitive dissonance theory is full applied on Cypher. According to social penetration theory human are like the onion, they have layers one after one as breadth and depth. It is same like how much you know a person, layer are start decreases and person start to come close to you same like the character of movie Trinity and Neo. Social identity is also applied on Neo in this movie because he finds his own personality, who he is and he got the difference between his and agents. Referencing Griffin, E. (2006). A first look at communication theory (6th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.

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Managing User Accounts In Linux Essay

Linux’s most notable advantage over other operating systems such as Windows and Mac is security and in order for a user to modify critical components of the system, such as user accounts, is to have access rights of a ROOT. The root is at the top level of Linux’s user hierarchy and has all the privileges to access all resources. To login as root, a user must use the command su username. After pressing the ENTER key, the system will prompt the user to type in the corresponding password. After entering the correct password, the user will inherit full access privileges including the right to modify other user’s account information. Attempting to enter the correct password will deny the user from inheriting the root’s privileges. # su – [screenshot] Let us now attempt to create a new user called ‘bozo’. But first, let us check if that username is not yet taken. # id bozo [screenshot] Since username bozo is still available we can now create his user account. # useradd bozo -d /home/bozo -u 600 We have just created a username called bozo and makes his default folder under /home/bozo and gave him the UID of 600. by the way, UID’s are unique identifiers of users. Users can be a representation of both human users and services running in the Linux system. UID’s are used by Linux in relation to his password and privilege information stored in the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group. One of the very first thing Linux does when creating a new user is to copy the files from the skeleton folder, which contains whatever files the admin wants to give to new users, into the newly created user’s folder. Now, let us try to take a look at those files by displaying a detailed listing of files including hidden ones. # ls –la /home/skel/ So far so good. Now let us try creating another user and call her bozoette. # useradd bozo -d /home/bozo -u 600 We had an error. As stated earlier, UID’s are unique. Since we attempted to create a user and assigned the same UID with bozo, the system denied our request. But what if we do want give bozoete the UID #600? One of the many ways to do it is to first change bozo’s UID, say 601 and then create bozoette’s user account using the newly-vacant UID of 600. Change bozo’s UID from 600 to 601. # id bozo # usermod -u 601 bozo # id bozo Then create bozoette’s new account with UID 600. # useradd bozoette -d /home/bozoette -u 600 Now we have two new users bozo(uid:601) and bozoette(uid:600) with user directories /home/bozo and /home/bozoette, respectively. Note that user accounts remain inactive until a password is assigned to them. Let us now activate the two new user accounts by assigning passwords to them. # passwd bozo # passwd bozoette Users bozo and bozoette are now active and users can now login to the system using the correct username and password combinations for the accounts. REFERENCES Linux Headquarters. Adduser: Adding A New User. Advanced Horizons. Linux Users. Mario P. Free November 28, 2007. Tutorial @HowTo. fm. Command Line User Management. Notaras, George. 6 November 2005. G-Loaded! User management from the command line

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International Airlines Hit by European Unions’s CO2 Emissions Plan

Bearing in mind that this article is comprehensive, coherent and fluent, the written account is inclusive and demonstrates an apparent connection with Section 2. 4 Market Failure and sets up a close relation with the two sections in particular; negative externalities1 and the possible governmental responses concerning the quandary given, which in this case proposes a European Commission draft proposal requiring all flights arriving at or departing from the European Union airports to buy permits for their carbon dioxide emissions. This article is effective for the internal assessment because it does not dive into the economic theory, but introduces many notions that can easily be absorbed into economic presumptions and then be analysed. The extract portrays about how the advantages and disadvantages of using pollution permits, how effective they are and how several European companies are learning to deal with the more stringent regulations of the EU on pollution as a result of global warming. Pollution permits, are certain amounts of CO2 which are allowed to be emitted by companies in during production. These are given out by the respective governments to the companies, who can also purchase further permits from other companies who don't need all their permission to pollute. 2 The draft proposal which will require all flights arriving or departing from EU airports to buy permits to cover their carbon dioxide emissions, will be presented just before Christmas, and is crucial to the community's fight against global warning and climate change. The E. U. has incorporated pollution permits, in order to curb carbon gas emission, and slow down global warming, forcing international airlines to pay for the negative externalities they are causing during production. This means that the trans-national airlines have to pay for the vertical distance between SMC and PMC, so that they are paying the expenditure the society would normally have to sacrifice for, which can be seen in Figure 1. , before the European Unions incorporation of pollution permits: Fig 1. 1: Before the Introduction of Pollution permits Figure 1. 2: After the Introduction of Pollution permits Figure 1. 1 shows the situation clearly before the pollution permits were introduced by the European Union draft proposal. The problem undoubtedly being that the market was experiencing failure, as the global airline firms did not have to pay the cost they were causing the society by their carbon gas emissions. In Figure 1. , the Private Marginal Cost (PMC) has shifted into the same position as the Social Marginal Cost (SMC) 3 was in Figure 1. 1, as now the Airliners have to pay for the negative externalities they are causing, consequently leaving the society left without having to pay for the pollution the aircraft caused, and the negative externality being pollution, abolished. Also, the Private Marginal Cost has become sharper, as the company must now compensations in case it exceeds a certain amount of carbon gas emissions. This is an incentive for the company to either produce less or produce more eco-friendly. As a result, Figure 1. 3 will arise, as the respective Airline Firm is now producing eco-friendly, and will not exceed the limits on its carbon gas emissions, furthermore will even be able to sell some of its excess pollution permits, to other firms who need surplus to cover their pollution. Fig 1. 3: During the Introduction of Pollution permits: The problem is that it does not happen like this, and that in fact the limits on the emissions are far too large for there to be any effect, and David Henderson from the Association of European Airlines (AEA), â€Å"We could see another trade war,† cited stiff opposition from the US several years ago against European plans aimed at reducing jet engine noise. A possible solution to the continuing problem would be further stringent regulations by the E. U. , and possibly a solid example are, the airline emission controls would come under already existing European emissions trading scheme (ETS), which was launched in â€Å"2005 as the cornerstone of EU efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. † 4 An evaluation of the economic theory shows that the idea behind the pollution permits is very good, and that there are some advantages of using it in real-life. However, it does not work as smoothly as was initially planned. For one, international airline firms are able to evade paying for the pollution permits, by moving production to developing economies outside the E. U. , who don't have any regulations on the carbon gas emissions. The effects of this are that they pollute excessively in the new production environment, which has exactly the opposite effect to the desired one. This of course, shows that many alterations need to be undertaken for the European Commission draft proposal's requirement of all flights arriving at or departing from EU airports to buy permits for their carbon dioxide emissions to work effectively. The E. U. will have to alter their plan slightly, which should be made more rigorous and binding to produce the desired plan, which is the slowing down of global warming, but also to combat the endless possibilities of negative externalities.